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Material Introduction

MJ Tungsten wire is used in a various number of applications:

  • Lighting industry - the filament of Halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, HID, motorcycle headlamps, aircraft lamp, airport facility lamp, etc.

  • Automotive industry - turn signal light, as the heating wire for automotive and aircraft windshield defrosting, 

  • Furnace industry - heating elements

  • Vacuum metallizing industry - for architectural glass, automotive glass and mirrors, etc.

Our tungsten wires are also used on medical device, tungsten mesh heating elements, TV tubes, etc.

Product details:

  • Made in China. Our processing technology, production equipment, testing equipment and drawing dies are all from Japan.

  • ISO9001 certified manufacturing process. We use Japanese management system.

  • Various finishes, length and diameters available upon request.

Chemical composition of Potassium doped tungsten wire:

Purity: 99.95%

Tungsten Properties:

Implementation of standards: Q/62071126-8 WS B02SX-2011

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