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About us

We are a small-scale tungsten processing factory with 38 employees.


We are committed to the precision processing from tungsten rods to ultra-fine tungsten wires.

For decades, the understated and niche field of tungsten processing has silently drawn us forward with steadfastness within the industry. Each one of us here has dedicated our entire careers to this singular profession, ranging from our twenties to our fifties, sixties, and even seventies.

Therefore, what we can promise our clients is a wealth of solid processing experience! Whether it's tungsten wires needed in various sectors such as medical, military, automotive, electronics and lighting industry... we can produce the highest quality-grade tungsten wires!

This is precisely our reputation and advantage within the industry!

Proudly, we have directly supplied products to numerous world-class enterprises such as AGC, Toshiba Plansee... Our products have also been indirectly provided to renowned global companies like Toyota, Shiseido, Fuyao, among others through our clients.

Within our company, we have staff proficient in English, Japanese, and Russian languages, enabling us to provide precise services concerning technical requirements and export details.

Small, yet fully equipped! — this is who we are!

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​Company History


The company was founded in October 2010.

Commencement of Production:

Production of tungsten rod commenced in 2011, and tungsten wire commenced in 2012, swiftly gaining market recognition. 

Quality Assurance:

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified manufacturer.

International Market Expansion:

In 2013, the company established a branch in Toronto, Canada to be responsible for overseas market expansion. It successfully expanded product sales to countries including Canada, the United States, Japan, Russia, Malaysia, Taiwan and beyond.

Our Mission:

Delivering top-quality tungsten products and personalized processing solutions, with remote or on-site guidance tailored to our customers' needs.

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