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 MJ Tungsten History

  • MJ Tungsten Product: We are the premier, ISO Certified manufacturer. Our tungsten products are widely used in Traditional Illumination,  Automobile Parts, Vacuum metalization, Medical device and Electrical industry. Our advanced processing technology was from Nippon Tungsten Co., Ltd Japan since 1980s.

  • MJ Tungsten Founder: JinMing Wang -  The general manager of SiPing Nippon Tungsten Industrial Co., Ltd-the joint venture with Nippon Tungsten Co., Ltd Japan since 1986-2004. He is committed to provide the best quality tungsten products. Export volume to Japan was up to 25 tons per month on year 1990s and 2000s.

  • MJ Tungsten Employees: Almost all  of our employees have over 20 - 30 years experience to make tungsten products. Nippon Tungsten Co. send their training team to SiPing production site every month since 1986. After three decades of rigorous managerial training and technical guidance, our employees produce high quality tungsten products and can be continually serve the industry on this platform.

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